Our services are based upon the standard of excellence and professionalism. Centennial Pharmacy sees to it that our customers’ concerns are always put first above everything else. See our complete list of services to start your journey to a healthier you.

Accept Most Insurances

To further improve your transactions with us, we accept most insurances to prevent you from experiencing any hassle. We also cater to customers who do not have insurances.

Fast Service

Waiting too long for your medications or medical supplies will never happen with us. We can guarantee fast services to accommodate your needs as soon as possible.

Free Rx Delivery

We will deliver your purchased medications to your home or school for free. You can be assured that it will arrive on-time and intact.

Price Matching

Our medications and medical supplies are affordable. This is for the purpose of not letting any financial issues get in the way of your good health.

mother and pharmacist listening to a child and other pharmacists are on the background

Compounded Medications

We offer compounded medications to make it easier for the patient to take. Our medical professionals will see to it that your well-being is compromised in the process.


Our pharmacy offers immunization for flu, pneumonia, meningitis, shingles, and more. This serves as additional protection for your health.

Medication Therapy Management

We see to it that the medications you’re taking are the right ones. It is also our responsibility to make sure that you do not miss taking any medicine.

Free health screening to our patients

Find out how healthy you really are.

Dispose My Med

Protect your family and the environment by safely disposing your medications.